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heterosexuality n : a sexual attraction to (or sexual relations with) persons of the opposite sex [syn: heterosexualism, straightness]

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From hetero, other + sexuality


  1. The state of being emotionally or sexually attracted to persons of the opposite sex.


heterosexual orientation
  • Afrikaans: heteroseksualiteit
  • Bosnian: heteroseksualnost
  • Catalan: heterosexualitat
  • Croatian: heteroseksualnost
  • Dutch: heteroseksualiteit
  • Esperanto: aliseksamo
  • Finnish: heterous, heteroseksuaalisuus
  • French: hétérosexualité
  • Galician: heterosexualidade
  • German: Heterosexualität
  • Hebrew: הטרוסקסואליות
  • Hungarian: heteroszexualitás
  • Italian: eterosessualità
  • Macedonian: хетеросексуалност
  • Polish: heteroseksualizm
  • Portuguese: heterossexualidade
  • Romanian: heterosexualitate
  • Russian: гетеросексуальность
  • Serbian:
    • Cyrillic: хетеросексуалност
    • Roman: heteroseksualnost
  • Spanish: heterosexualidad
  • Swedish: heterosexualitet
  • Thai: รักต่างเพศ
  • Turkish: heteroseksüellik


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History and demographics

The prevalence of exclusive heterosexuality has varied over the centuries and also from culture to culture. See Demographics of sexual orientation
The history of heterosexuality is part of the history of sexuality. That history and science derivative of it is far from complete. Owing to complications of human politics and prejudice, coupled with the malleable nature of human behaviour, it will be some time before the history and nature of all forms of human sexual behaviour are truly known.


The term "straight" originated as a mid-20th century gay slang term for heterosexuals, ultimately coming from the phrase "to go straight" (as in "straight and narrow"), or stop engaging in homosexual sex.[3] One of the first uses of the word in this way was in 1941 by author G. W. Henry. Henry's book concerned conversations with homosexual males and used this term in connection with the reference to ex-gays. It currently simply is a colloquial term for "heterosexual" having, like many words, changed in primary meaning over time.
The term breeder, a word which is normally applied to animals, is sometimes used to describe heterosexuals in a negative way. Another slang term referring to male heterosexuals is "egg packer", which mocks the connotation of the slang term for male homosexuals, "fudge packer."


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